UNIT CABINET: The cabinet is double skin type, constructed out of extruded aluminium hollow section framework and double skin panels. Framework and panels
are filled with minimum 45mm thick injected PU Foam of 38-40 kg/m3. The framework has an optional “thermal break” to avoid cooling down and sweating of the frame and corners. The frame profile shall also have coving to avoid sharp corners inside the cabinet. The panels are made out of 24 gauge G.I. sheet and powder coated on the outer side. Separate sections shall be provided for housing mixing chamber, pre-filters, fan, coils and fine filters. Hinged access doors with gaskets and handles designed for air tight closing are provided for access to all internal equipment. Hand holes with airtight covers shall be provided for measurement of air temperatures in each section. Pressure sensor points can be provided for measurement of static pressure of air in each section.

FANS: Fans are centrifugal DIDW type or plug type as specified. DIDW centrifugal type with forward/backward curved impeller, statically and dynamically balanced, supported on self aligning type ball bearings on both ends of the shaft. Drives are V-belt type. Common base frame housing the fan and motor shall be supported on suitable vibration isolators. Outlet velocity of fan is not more than 1800 FPM.

FAN MOTOR: Fan motors are T.E.F.C., IP55, Squirrel Cage induction type suitable for AC 415+/- 10%, 3 phase, 50 HZ power supply with ‘B’ class insulation. Motor efficiency shall be minimum 85%.
COOLING COILS/HEATING COILS (FOR CHILLED WATER): Cooling/Heating coils are made out of 24 gauge copper tubes with 30 gauge sine-wave aluminium fins firmly bonded to tubes. The circulation of water is designed to ensure maximum heat transfer co-efficient and minimum pressure drop. Velocity of air across coil face shall not exceed 2.5 M/sec. Pressure drop on water side shall not exceed 0.5 Kg/cm2. Cooling coils are designed for chilled water entering and leaving temperature of 7 oC and 12 oC respectively. Heating coils are designed for entering and leaving temp. of 40 oC and 30 oC respectively.

DAMPERS: Dampers are opposed blade louver type. Louvers are aerofoil type. The louvers and frame are made out of extruded aluminium and complete with suitable locking device having identified for open and close position. The bypass damper is fixed above cooling coil, wherever required. The balance area shall be blanked off by G.I sheet.

DRAIN PAN: The drain pan is made out of SS 304 having minimum depth of 50mm.

FILTERS: Pre-Filters are panel type, made out of H.D.P.E 3-ply synthetic fiber media housed in a flanged aluminium case. These filters shall have 95% efficiency down to 10 microns. Fine filters shall be panel type made out of synthetic non-woven media and shall be capable of filtering air down to 5 micron with efficiency of 99%. %. The casing shall be made of aluminium, in flanged construction.

Ducting and Insulation

DUCTING: GI sheet are used. GI ducting of 24 or 22 G with RTV sealant and 3 mm thick food grade quality neoprene rubber gasket strips.

INSULATION: Insulation Sheets are PARAMOUNT make. Thermal insulation with factory fabricated Aluminium foil faced EPE with first layer of closed cell XPE of 6 to 12 mm thickness.

SUPPLY AIR GRILL: Powder coated perforated (65%) supply air grills made out of extruded aluminium sheets.

DAMPERS: Opposed blade of low leakage type of GI of 18/20 G for supply riser.
RA RISER GRILL: RA riser Grill covered with SS of 18 G perforated plates complete with frame etc.

RETURN FILTER: Aluminium U channel 1” frame Filters of 20 microns for return air.

TERMINAL FILTER: Ceiling mounted Terminal Filter. With powder coated 16 G CRCA Al housing with pressure probe.

FIRE DAMPERS: Fire dampers with fusible link.

FIRE CONTROL: Fire Sensor & Solenoid switch to be interlocked to blower motor.


Vibro boasts an enviable track record of success in the areas of construction. Our ability to balance the short term objectives of project managers with the long term objectives of building owners, managers and tenants
sets us apart. Our project managers carry with them a deep understanding of design and engineering and there is strong collaboration on every project between designers, engineers and contractors. The types of buildings that our HVAC construction group have implemented solutions for include:
· High rise
· Retail and hospitality
· Office parks and industrial estates
· Community services
· Pharmaceuticals

Innovative Construction
As an integrated service delivery company, Vibrotech HVAC knowledge-base is used by our Project Managers to ensure the integrity of implementation during the construction phase. Armed with a deep understanding of engineering design, and often with formal training as design engineers, our Project Managers are uniquely adept at delivering the original design’s intended outcomes while also balancing budget and timeframe requirements.
It is this integrated approach to construction that allows us to maximise the ROI from your HVAC assets by
maximising reliability and tenant comfort, prolonging asset life and minimizing running costs. As a leading provider in HVAC construction services, you can rest assured that all of our work meets or exceeds Standards and our industry’s Codes of Practice.

The best construction teams in the business

Vibro Tech provides complete HVAC construction solutions coverage, along with Project Management personnel who are experienced in every building type. Our integrated approach to design, construction and maintenance means that we are fully equipped to deal with the unique HVAC challenges presented by each building.



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